Are you aware that every single person on this planet who has ever lived, lives now or will ever live, has a different perception of reality? The way each of us perceives the world is to some degree different than any other person’s perception of reality. What is absolutely real and right for you may be an illusion, or nonexistent, or completely false for another!


It’s important to be aware of this and how you create your perception of reality. Because if you’re not aware, your perception, world view and reality are created for you by other people. For example, the news media loves to create drama and one of their favorite methods is to elicit fear: fear of other people, fear of the weather, fear of the economy, etc. The news media tells us how to perceive the world – and if a person takes the newscasters at their word, they perceive the world to be very dangerous and hostile.Perception is reality. To that person, the mental images and emotions  suggested by other people create a version of reality that is completely differentfrom the reality perceived by someone who does not watch the news.

Things are not always what they seem. For most people, seeing is believing, which is why magicians, artists and marketers are so successful. Just like the TV news, they show you only what they want you to see and it is perceived as reality. But how would that reality change if you saw what went on behind the scenes or what was left out? In fact, ALL communication is like this. Right now, you are reading what I want to tell you. If you want a different perspective, then you have to read something else or create your own interpretation of what I say.

What’s Your Story (Your Perception of Reality)?

Is your story one of negative perceptions like fear and worry?We all have a story. Any time you say, “I am,” you are telling a story of yourself. Over time, your story takes on a life of its own and you become your story.

But who’s the author? Who wrote that story, and why did the author put so much crap in there? All that unnecessary suffering, struggle, heartache, worry and pain… wouldn’t it be better to live a story without all that? Who would have written a main character with such low self-esteem? Who wants to live a story with that much boredom and unfulfilled longings?

The story got its start when you were born, and was co-authored by you along with the influences in your life. Anytime you were influenced by someone or something, you unconsciously handed your pen over and said, “Here, you write this about me.” And you accepted what they wrote as reality.

So you’re not even writing your OWN story! No one does – until they recognize that fact, and make a conscious decision to take control of the pen. You CAN write your story the way you want it to play out. Otherwise, other people are designing your perception of the world. Think about it: do they have your best interests in mind?

Basically, your story as it is right now, tells you how to see the world. Do you like what you see? Do you like your circumstances? Are you on the right life path?

Change your perception, change your reality.When you change your perception you create a new reality.

It’s helpful to understand how the brain takes reality and filters it to create your unique perception of reality. It’s an automatic, unconscious action that is based on:

  • physical experiences (which is why some optical illusions are extremely unsettling)
  • past conditioning (how you are programmed to see the world)

When you become aware of the fact that you are constructing your own reality, you can take charge and construct a reality that is more pleasing to you. If you change your story (or literally, change your mind, your vibration and your intentions) you can change your circumstances!

It all starts in the imagination. Let the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit help you write your story consciously. Change your perception to change your story. Your “I am” has to change – maybe subtly, maybe dramatically – if your life is going to change. Using powerful visualization  and self-programming exercises, learn to automatically think differently:

  • Choose to see what you want; create your new reality according to your desires.instead of, “I am a victim of circumstance,” imprint in your mind, “I am the co-creator of my life” – and automatically, your perception of reality changes as you come into your personal power and take control of your life. This gives you a happy feeling and creates a higher vibration within you.
  • instead of, “I am sick and tired of…” imprint in your mind, “I am in control and enthusiastic about what I do” (did you know that saying, “I am sick and tired [of whatever] actually makes you sick, and tired? Raise your vibration by saying something positive whenever you say, “I am.”
  • Raise your vibration by thinking, talking and acting more positively. As positivity becomes a mental habit, that change will become your new inner reality, which will soon manifest in your outer reality

The power of perception is immense. Choose to see more good than bad, more abundance than lack, more love than indifference and more success than struggle.

What will happen? Everything you imagine.

As you change your point of view and get used to seeing a different reality in your mind, you will begin to see a corresponding change in your circumstances. In short – if you can see it, you can be and live it.